SYSTEMS: If the Segmentum of a planet is known, it is listed in [brackets].

[PACIFICUS] Segmentum. West of Earth. HQ=Hydraphur.
[OBSCURUS] Segmentum. North of Earth. Cut off by EOT. HQ=Cypra Mundi.
[ULTIMA] Segmentum. East of Earth. Galactic Core. HQ=Kar Duniash.
[TEMPESTUS] Segmentum. South of Earth. HQ=Bakka.
[SOLAR] Segmentum. Earth environs. HQ=Mars.

DONORIAN SECTOR [DON] Home of several alien races including the K'Nib and Clawed Fiend. [Tempestus? Solar?]
EASTERN FRINGE [EF]. Area east of Ultima segmentum.
HALO ZONE [HZ]. Area west of Segmentum Pacificus.
MACRAGGE SYSTEM [MAC] Blue Star. Home of Ultramarines. Core of the Realm of Ultramar. [Ultima]
EYE OF TERROR [EOT]. Created by fall of Eldar. Chaos realms.
MAELSTROM A smaller version of the Eye of Terror, west of the galactic core. [Ultima]
WHEEL OF FIRE [WOF]. Isolated, 500 worlds in Eastern spiral subsector 4. Near Ork empire Charadon. Legio Destructor Vs. Orks. [ultima]
GOTHIC SYSTEM [GOTH]. Located in Segmentum Solar.
ARMAGEDDON SUBSECTOR [ARM]. Located in Segmentum Solar. The Armageddon System contains the following planets (from innermost to outer): Kernbright (flare zone), Verity(mercurial), Gaval(desert world), Armageddon(hive world), Chosin(ice planet), St Jowens Dock(naval base), Namara/Mamayev(corrosive), Gramaul(gas giant), Pelucidar(Terraformed subterranean jungle), Iandai (gas giant). 3 Outer system monitoring stations: Yarrick, Dante, and Mannheim.
KREEL NEBULA Corrupt worlds- pirates, renegades. Cleansed by 3 chapter Marine crusade. SW vs. arch-deviant Kabboki' legions at his impregnable fortress at Mo-Shan. An unnamed, semi-industrial world in the Ultima segmentum, near the Kreel Nebula, is invaded by Tyranids from Hive Fleet Kraken, as witnessed by renegade Genetor Van Leedrix of the Adeptus Mechanicus. [Ultima]
SPARTUS SECTOR [SP] Sector hit by increasing number of Dark Eldar raids. [Tempestus]
STORM OF THE EMPEROR'S WRATH: warp storm [Ultima / Obscurus]

PLANET LIST G=Imp. Guard Reg't. M=Marine Chapter. R=Marine Recruit world. L= World Ruler. C=Capitol. (HH)=Horus Heresy. Planets and information listed in italics are from 3rd party fiction (40K novels).

A 1709 Research station. A Space Wolves Base.
ABL 1034 Primitive world. Low Gravity. Originally colonized during Dark Age of Technology. Archeosaurs (giant 8 legged Dinosaurs) trained by natives pose significant threat. Unusual ribbed cloud formations span entire planet.
ACANON Near Terra. Home of the Emperor's Blades death cult. Supposed site of battle between Emperor and chaos, before the Horus Heresy.
ACCATRAN Forge World.
ACHERNAR Glacier world. Blood Angels Vs. Orks.
ADELPHOS V Dense atmosphere. Chaos Marines (posessed) vs. Imperial Guard.
ADRANTIS V Hyper technology. Revolt. X=redirected comet (Macharius 3rd Army). [HZ]
AERIUS Hive world. Giant factories. Homeworld of Inquisitor Sternberg. Site of Eldar Black Pyramid- imprisons Botchulaz, Greater daemon of Nurgle. Source of Talisman of Lykos.
AGATHEA Home of St. Lucius.
AHANZOK Jungle moon. Imperial guard Vs. Orks.
ALANTOR X Ambush of Angels of Retribution.
AL-ARACH cult world. IG recruit.
ALCHONIS Blood Angels Campaign.
ALBIA system- under control of the Space Wolves [obscurus]
ALGOL NINE Bjorn defeats Daemon Thran'saba, saves planetary governor.
ALRIS CORVIN Invaded by orks.
ALTAIR VII research world.
ALTANIST VI Sea dwellers [HZ]
ALTHOR IV Legion of the Damned sighted.
ALVATINE Desert world. Flesh Eaters suppression.
AMERIGO SECUNDUS Wolverine regiment overthrows Jyokoroi tyranny
AMION? Red talons vs. rebels under King of the Further Reaches. May be a city name, not a planet.
ANARK ZETA Ogryn world- high gravity.
ANATHASIA Zhar the conqueror destroys Ramnion.
ANGELIS First human contact with Necron Tomb Complexes. Site of Ork Hulk crash (Gorka Morka). Orks fight orks over scrap. Previous human inhabitants (explorer team) become feral Diggas.
ANTILLIS IV Imperial world. Avenging Sons marines vs. Chaos. Apothecary Korpus recovers geneseed of 2nd company.
ANTRO Mining. Squat stronghold. Tunnels! Marine Vs. Squat. Sagramoso retreats here after Karkason. Tzeench possession (Space Marine novel).
ANVILUS 9 Forge world. Turned to production of nothing but Land Raiders (pre HH). Overrun by renegade tech priests (HH).
Appelor VII- Origin of report on ork subspecies
APOW "Peasant alliance" put down by Stugen Deathwalker.
ARACHNIDAE Human cult of Spider Goddess Vs. Orks.
ARANDRA FIVE Orks vs. Catachan XXIV "Waiting Death", who build a mile wide trap over Helssmouth Gorge to catch the Orks.
ARCADIA Imperial Guard Regiment?
ARCADIUM Capital city was site of Dark Angels Vs. 'Stealer hybrids.
ARCATA? Uprising suppressed by Flesh Tearers' vindictive assaults on entire planetary populations in M39.
ARCONAR Ultramarines led by Calgar vs. Eldar Raiders.
ARCTURA Frontier world. Aliens circulate openly. Inquisitor deals with alien named Krashrak from K'lashan.
ARCTURAS Home of Arcturan Great Eels
ARCTURUS (Bleeding of)- Blood Angels.
AREBRUS MAJOR Hive world. Daemon prince Ak'lorazoth transfixed in stone at the base of Cansii hive.
ARDEN IX L=Renegade Lord Tyrell. Fabius Bile escapes razing by Salamanders.
ARENXIS MINORIS Forge World. Homeworld of Magos Delphan Gruss. Far galactic south.
ARIACH system. Plagued by ork pirates of Da Yellow Moon. Double binary stars in wilderness space near Arimaspia in Lysades sub-sector. [goth]
ARIMASPIA Attacked by Abaddon's planet killer as a diversion. Destroys 2 of the 5 planets in the system. [goth]
ARMAGEDDON Volcanic hiveworld. Supplier to Imperial forces. SECUNDUS: L=Herman Von Straub. C=Kravaster (Born Tahal Vs. Orks) Hives: Acheron, Tartarus (Thraka killed), Hades (Yarrick) (site of BA character Mephiston's transformation), Infernus (Ultramarines vs. 'Stealers- post Thraka). PRIME: Chaos invasion (Angron) 500 yrs before ork invasion. SW, Grey Knights vs. Chaos. [solar]
ARMINIUN barren, airless world, sphnxium diamonds, IG recruit world.
ARRIVA Emp. class battleship Legatus Stygies destroys chaos battleship Black Pain.
ARTEN'S WORLD Iyanden Vs. Chaos (HH?)
ARX Imperial research outpost. Monitoring station. Monitors the Arx Gap, an alternate route out of the Eye of Terror that bypasses the Cadian Gate. Abaddon takes the completed Planet Killer ship through the Arx Gap after destroying the monitoring station. [Obscurus]
ASKANDAR . Emperor's Children vs. Raven Guard. C=Askandargrad
ASSUMPTUS V palace of caleb. Kaslon IG regiment vs. K'Nib. Alcayde of the K'nib actually slewn by Atemis of the Deathwatch. Donorian sector.
ASSYRI Ex-Eldar world (eldar name- Taqamathi). C= Guyan Sethe. Eldar lost the world during the fall, humans then discovered it. Humans excavate the Palace of Tranquility, beneath which lay the Akliamor- terrible weapons the Eldar used to conquer and destroy. Guyan Sethe violates negotiations with Eldar, brining war to the planet including Morrian, Saim-Hann, Alaitoc, and Zandros warriors. Guyan Sethe sent to Commoragh as punishment. Akliamor set to self destruct.
ASSYRION Pleasure city. Source of Lacrymata.
ASTHERAX L=High Lord Khouron, tortured and killed by Dark Eldar.
ATTILA Feudal. Nomadic. G= Rough Riders. C=Khanasan. [ultima]
ATRIA Imperial Guard Recruit world.
AVALANE VI Forest. Knight Household=Khord.
AVAR III Horse riding priveledged class (Rough Rider Recruiting?)
AVELLORN Hive world. Iron Warriors vs. Loyalists (HH). [solar]
AVER Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
AVIGNOR L= Cardinal Armandus. Diocese of Armandus Helfire. Sceptre of Avignor (relic). Near EOT. [Obscurus]

BAAL Apocalyptic desert (formerly earth-like, destroyed at end of Dark Age of technology by Nuclear and Biological weapons). 2 moons, Prime and Secundus. Baal Secundus= landing site of Sanguinious. Prime= colony established after Horus Heresy. M, R =Blood Angels.
BADAB Badab war revolt. L=Master Lufgt Huron of the Astral Claws. 4 rebel chapters. Cleansed. Near Maelstrom (galactic core) [ultima]
BADLANDING Agri-world. Arid planet- dust seas (Uzrieth, Lincos), electrostatic charges. C=Krugerport. Invaded by Warlord Snagrod, arch arsonist of Charadon Empire, who went on to invade nearby Rynn's world. [Loki Sector, Tempestus]
BAJI IV Renegade forge world. C= Lord Teknos. Overthrown by Abaddon. Tech priests taken, used to create Planet Killer.
BAKKA Segm. Tempestus HQ.
BALTHON (Moon of) Fir Lirithion Vs. Emperor's Children.
BALTHOR SIGMA Fir Iolarion Vs. Tiger Eyes (HH?)
BALUR Ork world. Guard vs. Orks. (Ogryn Nork & Commissar Greiss) Marine campaign led by Calgar scours orks from planet in 367.M41 [ultima- eastern fringe]
BANELUND XI Colony attacked by Dark Eldar, slaying all 1,200 colonists. Site of Eldar warp portal artifact. [SP, Tempestus]
BANTAX Desert. Blood Angels Assault.
BANTOR III Legion of the Damned vs. World Eaters.
BARAC Guard regiment raised for Ryza campaign vs. orks [solar]
BARBARIUS Imperial world. Tech Adepts steal Eldar artifacts from "Maze of Kulhucan" and die later. Uprisings start, but are put down. IG (Xenophon) vs. Alaitoc Eldar.
BARBARUS M=Death Guard (HH). X.
BARBARELLUS 4 Penal Colony.
BASSUS PRIME. Penal colony.
BAZTEL III Space Wolves Vs. Emperor's Childeren in Rykstag (capital)
BELAMI Feral world.
BENDERCOOT IV Site of orbital Imperial Shipyard. [Solar]
BETA /54 Ultramarines suppress uprising. Court of Inquiry into Marneus Calgar's actions, was exonerated of all charges.
BETA-COPLIN XXI Thangod colony attacked by Dark Eldar, source of the legend of Devilnacht
BETTA-HYDROPOLIS 9 Invaded by 23rd Bruttiam Regt. during Third Araklionid War (40, 983). Floating Gardens, Palace of Ice.
BELIOS Sgt. Severus commands squad of Ultramarines.
BELLIS XIV agri-world. Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy.
BELIAL V Genetor-Major Anzion reports on ork blood. Message recieved on Gyndra, through Astropath-terminus Holroyd.
BETA GARMON II Salamanders, Warp Hunters Vs. Emp. Children, Death's Heads
BETALIS IV Mjolnir Squats and 14th Borodian Reg't attack.
BETTA-HYDROPOLIS 9- Third Araklionid war. Pacified by Bruttiam 23rd Regiment Battle of hanging gardens, siege of palace of Ice).
BIRMINGHAM "The Black Planet". Culturally Isolated. (bad joke?)
BLACKWATER R=Crimson Fists (initiates recruited yearly during "Festival of the Bloodied Fist".
BOETIA Astra Telepathica facility in asteroid belt, destroyed by Abaddon.
BOKUR Site of rebellion. Suppressed, prisoners sent to Savlar to work in the mines.
BONAVENTURE Birthplace of Bequin, a psychic blank recruited by Inq. Eisenhorn.
BOROS Ultramarines vs. Orks. Appearance by Legion of the Damned. Devastated by marine "Balur" crusade led by Calgar. IG Recruit world. [eastern fringe]
BORAS MINOR Feudal world. During Apostasy, under Lord Vandire's orders, farm lands invaded and females under age 12 enslaved. [ultima]
BRADUR IV Blood Drinkers Vs. Rebel 3rd Vorradion Reg't.
BRAY Imperial outpost. Appearance by Fabius Bile. Assaulted by marines. [obscurus]
BRAK'HIR raided by Dark Eldar Dracon Khireraq
BRAKKA SKAR Ork world.
BRIGHTWATER Conquered by Macharius. [HZ]
BRINAGA Brigia system. Contact lost after Abaddon presumably attempts to capture Blackstone VI. X= Destroyed by planet killer. [goth]
BUBONICUS Nurgle world. Boiling blood sea, dancing equatorial chain. (EOT)
BUCA III Imperial base annihilated by ork asteroid base that bypassed system sensors. (Thraka)

CABELLAS Farm. Inq. Valdez Vs. Nurgle? cult. Exterminatus? Ancient Slann world. Colonized during Age of Strife.
CADIA G=Shock troops. Ancient constructions on the planet may make access to Eye of Terror easier. Magnot Four Zero- "impregnable" bastion line broken by Iron Warriors. [EOT]
CADIAN GATE Area near Cadia surrounding easiest access in or out of the Eye of Terror. Wilderness space populated by numerous alien artifacts, some larger than worlds. 10 Space Marine chapters and 3 Titan Legions on station. [EOT]
CALADEN? Caladenian Imperial Guard regiment.
CALALAIN Inhabited by decendents of wrecked penal vessel. Ungovernable- under Imperial curfew.
CALANA VII Virus bombed under orders of Lord Vandire during the age of apostasy.
CALENDIA? Calendites believe the Emperor has always been a living god [western reagions of solar]
CALEDONIA Hive world. Invaded by orks. Imperial fighter, Bombers s vs. ork Fighta-Bommas.
CALIBAN Forest deathworld. M=Dark Angels. X=destroyed during fight between El' Jonson and Luther. Become the Rock. [obscurus]
CALTH Cavern world. Blue sun with deadly rays. Airless? Populace lives in underground cities, caves. Self sufficient, though food is shipped in from Iax. Famous shipyards. [Mac]
CALTHOR IX Dark Eldar led by Kruellagh vs. Valhallan 394th Rifles.
CALVERNA Ork world. [Solar]
CALYDON Site of battle between Imperial, Chaos fleets. Planetary locale includes moon, asteroid fields, ion clouds. [goth]
CALYSTO PLATINUM Massed tank battles including early use of the Land Raider at the start of the Great Crusade.
CANAK Jungle Death world. Visited by White Scars.
CARCASSON? Hive fleet Scarabus vs. 9th Cadian regiment at Fortress Carcasson.
CARLILLE TWO- Ravensbrost- last chancers witness slaughter
CASSANDRAN Site of vampire covens.
CASSELL Agri-world. G= Supreme pontiff Skalin, leader of the cult known as "Way of the Emperor's Flesh". C= Port Cassell. "Six hour rebellion" suppressed by 16th Armageddon Steel Legion, killing Skalin.
CASTABURG Bethamor system. Orks (Skarmork) vs. Death Korps of Krieg. Forge Refineries: Terhar Prime and Meghan. Mt. Haemek sensor outpost.
CATACHAN Catachan System. Jungle death world. G=Jungle Fighters. Catechan Devil, Brainleaf, Face Eater, Mantrap, Heretic Ant, Vein Worm, Spiker, Flying Swamp Mamba, Coiling Death Cobra, Catachan Blackback Viper (Native inhabitants) (aka: Catechan)
CATHALIN? Crusade in which Elysian Drop Troop Colonel Prinz is promoted to Warmaster.
CENTIUS PRIME Abandoned mining colony. Orks (Squigbreff) vs. Chaos.
CERES Invaded by Tyranids.
CESTUS IV source of report on eldar.
CHARAXADIS? Battle of (during Macharius campaign). Macharius' battlecruiser "Pax Imperium" nearly destroyed (switched to Battleship "Lord of Light" afterwards). [HZ]
CHAEMOS Rebellion led by Duke Mormant in 35th millenium. 10 light years from Tallarn. Tallarn vs. Mormant. [Tempestus]
CHBAL Feudal world. Homeworld of Bouncers (alien creature)
CHIANCO L=Lord Xian Torus. [Ultima]. Major space port. "World that died in one night"-lost to Tzneech cult Revolt.
CHEMOS M=Emperor's Children (HH). X.
CHIGON 17 Agriworld overrun by orks (vs. Guard) using guerilla tactics (Thraka).
CHIROS Agri-world (forests). Exports luxury goods (furs, narcotics). Resisted Bucharis' rule during Apostasy. Home world of Confessor Dolan [pacificus]
CHOSIN Ice World. Plagued by Orks. [ARM]
CHRISTOS Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
CIRCE Edge of realm of Ultramar. Ringed planet. Ultramarine and Imperial Bakka fleet destroy hive fleet Kraken in nearby space.[Mac]
CLAMORGA Death of Captain Moriar (BA vs. Eldar). Now a Death Company dreadnought.
CLANAR II Feral world. Daemon prince Cherubael worshipped as a god until enslaved by Inquisitor Quixos
CLAVIAN BELT Eldar of Varantha hold off Night Lords raids until Ultramarines arrive.
CLIVE VII 185th Colonial Army
CLANDENN SYSTEM Aliens in moon base in system are powerful psykers that almost turn a Deathwatch squad against themselves.
CLORAS II Source of patrol that discovered "Unholy Harbinger" after it broke from warp.
CLORAS III Mining world. Orbital platform "Helios" in the path of space hulk "Unholy Harbinger".
COCHISE Horse Lodges. Possibly a recruiting world for Rough Riders.
COLCHA Agri- world. A rebellion against Bucharis, progressing towards Gathalamor, is ambushed by Bucharis but one shuttle gets through. A year later, the farmers revolt. [pacificus]
COLCHIS M=Word Bearers. (HH)
COLONIA Imperial world. Orks under Warlord Gharag Badtoof vs. IG Mortant VII "headhunters" who went on 3 month rampage after defeating orks.
COPUL IV- Cleansed by Ultramarines in 359.M41
CORAIN IV Mining world, produces Trikali crystal used in anti-magnetic containment fields. Captured by Abaddon. [goth]
CORILIA System includes Corilia, Eziam. Quinrox sound site of battle between Orks and Imperial ships. [goth]
CORINTH (also written CORINTHE) Imperial colony. Ultramarines Vs. Orks. Brother Sergeant Severus of the Ultramarines wounded in 371.M41, interred in Dreadnought. Returns for 7 year Corinthian crusade in 698.M41. [ultima]
CORINTHIS IV Abandoned mine actually stasis tomb that holds daemon prince Sgoroth.
CORONA SYSTEM Site of Hexadragona- bridge between warp and realspace. Inqisitors battle for posession of it. [EOT]
CORRONIS IV Salamanders vs. Eldar.
CORUSIL V Whitescars vs. Dark Eldar- Jaghatai Khan pursues Dark Eldar lord through portal to the Dark Eldar home, never to be seen again (70 years after HH). [near Maelstrom]
COTELIA? IG recruit world.
CRETACIA Death World. M= Flesh Tearers. Jungles, swamps. Primitive inhabitants were colonists from dark age of technology. 4th planet of 7. [pacificus]
CROW'S WORLD Fire Hawks fortress monastery en route to Crow's World lost in the warp. (Sulphur Desert. Vitited by 1st Reg't?)
CTHELLE Deathworld. Home of Cthellean Cudbear.
CHARADON Ork world. Charadon empire. [Ultima]
CHTONIA M=Lunar Wolves (HH). X.
CYCLOPS CLUSTER Includes worlds of Moab, Mezoa, Thanet, Halemnet, Rebo, Verstap, and Corlini. [goth]
CYPRA MUNDI Segm. Obscurus HQ. Forge- Annihilator, Thunderbolt Ships.
CYTHERIA Alien world. Rich in mineral resources. Exploited by Von Castellan.

DABLENAR IV Imperial Colony. Eldar Vs. Space Wolves (pre- chaos invas.)
DANAKIN 2 Inquisitor Quixos channels the daemon Diabolan to break the defences of the Ork stronghold of Mekrok.
DANAKREG VII Transmission of Inquisitor Kryptman's report on hive fleet Leviathan
DANTIS III Forge World. Invaded by Tyranids, vs. IG from nearby world of Lostok. Members of Lostok 23rd modified by tech priests to fight in polluted outdoor environments (gland warriors), Inc. Sgt. Stone.
DANUB Prospero colony attacked by clawed fiends. [DON]
DANUBIS Dead system. Visited by Explorator vessel Lux Imperator, which disappears (later found in Polonis nebula with no crew). Possible Necron lair. [Tempestus]
DARVASH Sun=Whirlstar. Fast rotation. Desert. Hideout for Tarik Ziz. Overawe city. Meh'lindi has Genestealer implants removed.
DARVON VI L= Gov.-Gen. Mathous. Light population. G'stealer invasion.
DARSON VI Lost to Hive Fleet Kraken. ('Stealers Vs. Lamenters).
DARSON IIX Penal colony.
DARWIN II Jungle planet. Catachans vs. Zombies.
DAVIN Feral world. Site of Horus' Possession (start of HH).
DEACON'S VEIL Night world. Imperial Fists vs. Iron Warriors.
DE'EGRA Colonists enslaved by Dark Eldar.
DEEPSUTH Farming world. Grox mutilations investigated by Ordo Xenos, turn out to be a Rogue Trader smuggling banned weapons in the grox.
DELASK Hive world. Nylis Hathor, Horusian Xanthite Inquisitor, leaves his cult of followers for Gehenna Prime.
DELEBRION Siege of Delebrion- Presumed first use of the Land Raider. (HH).
DELGAS II Single squad of Iron Warriors manned the Iron Keep against 130 million disgruntled inhabitants ( pre HH).
DELIVERANCE Last Chancers (penal legion) vs. Tyranids.
DELPHI III Moon held by renegades during Gothic war. X= bombarded by Battleship Cardinal Boras [goth]
DELTA 9 Space Marines vs. Dark Eldar
DELTA KHOMEINI V- Gas Giant. Grox Farmers. L=Gov. Vellacott. Jomi Jabal posessed by demon (Vs. Inq. Serpilian).
DELTA TAO L=Gov. Immolan. Rebels? Warp Storms. (Kraken?) [Ultima]
DELTA TAU V Imperial Guard vs. Gargants.
DESEL IV Titan Garrison. C=Shillareh. Marines Vs. Slaanesh.
DESEDNA- Civilized world. Desedna System is source of report from Fleet Flagship "Fire of Heaven" warning of ork attacks on 2 dozen Imperial worlds (Thraka).
DEUCALION 8th Nec. Guard (Spiders) cover retreat of Warmaster Solon.
DEVLAN Mining. Riots broke out before arrival of Kraken. [Ultima]
DEVLAN III Sentinel V perimeter station- Space Wolves Vs. G'stealers. Sentinel stations in system. Lamenters sacrificed vs. Kraken.
DEVLAN V Penal Colony. Devlan Primus- The Red Terror (Tyranid Ravener) attacks imperial forces during their retreat.
DREGLUK Ork world. [Obscurus]
DIARACK Lost world (warp storms).
DIEPR 3 G=mountain men
DIMMAMAK? war of- Nork Deddog.
DIMMAMAR Farthest planet to galactic north. Birthplace of Sebastian Thor. Appearance by Fabius Bile. [obscurus]
DIOSCIS THETA Squat homeworld?
DOLGAN IV Nomadic herding worlds.
DOLSIA Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. Between Chiros[pacificus] and Gathalamor [solar]
DORN [solar]
DRACHUS Hive world. Guilders swindled by Von Castellan. [tempestuous]
DRAKULU Agri-world. 2 million inhabitants enslaved by Abaddon. [goth]
DUDZUS Purgatory system. Marines of the Iron Fists chapter report on number of raiders penetrating blockade.
DULAN Space Wolves, Dark Angels rivalry starts during siege of crimson fortress of tyrant Durath.(Great Crusade)
DULMALIN Guard regiment raised for Ryza campaign vs orks. [solar]
DUNROAMIN VI L=Clan Mackenzie- assassinated by Eversor Assassin. [ultima]
DURGANION XIII- Cleansing by Dark Angels (vs. Genestealers)- Brother Bethor chosen to be bearer of Sacred Standard.
DURLA V G= Hylgar's Hellraisers (13/5th army). (Kolarne System)
DURYA Site of first battle involving Sirech, Eldar Exarch who becomes one of the incarnations of Karrandras.

EARTH Emperor. Adeptus Terra. Astronomicon. Imperial palace. Office of Inquisition (Antarctic). Adeptus Astronomica(Nepal). Palace of the Navigators. Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
EASOV Imperial world. L= Imperial Commander Jordic. Inquisitor Tannenburg purges Coven of the Red Moon (psykers).
EGAMMONDON Tundra. Dark Angels present (4th Quadrant rebellion)
EL' PHANOR Abbadon assaults the citadel of Kromarch. Devastated. [Solar]
ELYSIA Major trade route. Notorious for Pirates. G= Elysian drop troops. 30 light years from Armageddon [solar].
ENTESSIAN Traitor Robots Vs. Firebrand Titans in Myrdinn city.
EPSILON REGALIS Inquisitor Covonis and Tyrus discover the planet's monarchy are posessed by demons, including Kholoth. Covonis killed, Tyrus defeats daemons and becomes a full Inquisitor, purges the population.
EPSILON TOKUGAWA III- Horse Warrior Aristocracies.
EPSION OCTARIUS- Ork world. Catachan, Konrar Reg't. Vs. Orks. Center of ring of planets lost to hive fleet Leviathan. [Tempestus]
ESPANDOR Cardinal world. Forest. Remote. Sparsely populated. Settled by traders blown off course by warp storm during age of Strife- the first world settled in the realm of Ultramar.. [Mac]
ESPERANCE Ship caught in warp between Esperance and the K-Star.
ESTEBAN VII Forge world. Legio= Thunderbolts.
EUREKA Owa System (rich asteroid belt). G'Stealers Vs. Ultramarines

FABIUS BILE'S WORLD Crone world. Secret site of Bile's HQ.
FALSE HOPE Jungle deathworld. Home of the God Plant. [Typhon sector, Ultima?]
FARGLUM By request of Inquisitor Scallen, Sisters of the Order of the Valorous Heart purge Hive Tumulus of the cult Epicurian.
FAROUT Buchulzi Nebula Sector. Orks (Torgox) massacre settlers.
FARRAD? Farradites led by Dolan rebel against Bucharis, charging the Imortal Tower. (apostasy)
FARSTAR Attilans vs. Eldar raiders.
FAZE V Dark Angels (Azrael) crush the Technorevivalist uprising.
FENESTRA system inhabitants enslaved by Daemon Prince Cherubael.
FENRIS Deathworld. M=Space Wolves, fortress= the Fang. Oceans freeze in winter, main continent (Asaheim) subject to volcanoes and quakes in summer. Near EOT. [Obscurus]
FLOTIS III Imperial Guard Vs. Orks (pacified)
FORAX Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
FORHITH VI Penal colony.
FORMANN C2 Lamarno System. Feral world. (Grox). Recruit world.
FORMAND VI (aka Formund VI). Ogryn world. Birthplace of Nork. [ultima]
FORNOTH Research station. Ancient factory discovered by Frateris Templars (apostasy), containing plans for the Immolator tank.
FORTUNA II Ice plains.IG vs. rebels, who shoot down the IG rations shuttles.
FRACTRIX Forge World. Adept Gudmanz sent to Last Chancers for smuggling arms to pirates.
FULARIS II Blackstone I orbits. X= destroyed by Abaddon's captured Blackstone Fortresses, while Planet Killer destroys Battlegroup Merlin.
FULARIS III Abaddon's Planet Killer destroys moon, suspected of being the lair of an Eldar pirate band.

GABIN 240 Storming of the Bourne Slave Pits (40, 982)
GALT Civilized world. Jungle. C= Galt prime. Site of temple of Xikar. Source of second fragment of Talisman of Lykos. Invaded by orks.
GALEN V Cobalt Desert.
GALDAS Imperial world. Population rebels against Tyrranical government. Inquisitor Eisenhorn vs. Magos Delphan Gruss over an Inquisition Central Information Storage Facility- destroyed by self destruct mechanism.
GANGAVA World on edge of Eye of Terror, presumed homeworld of 1,000 sons, actually a decoy that fools Space Wolves Great Wolf Harek into leaving
GANYMEDE Site of failed Imperial experiment with Warp Core tech. "Contagion of Ganymede". Quarantined world.
GARANDA II Ash wastes. Warlike nomadic tribes. R=Silver Skulls.
GAREVO VI Penal colony.
GATES OF ATHAN Eldar Vs. Chaos.
GATHALAMOR Imperial world. Diosceese of cardinal Bucharis, who enslaved the population. Site of Conclave where numerous Imperial leaders reaffirmed their loyalty to the Imperium in early 41st millenium (at Mt. Amalath). [solar]
GATHALON Ash wastes- 200 last chancers sucked into the dunes
GAULIS II Penal Legion Sgt. loses leg to a mine.
GEARIA? Hive or Forge world- source of Gearian type XIV vertical blast device.
GEDROSA Macharius fights across deserts, finds tomb of ancient explorer. [Pacificus]
GEHENNA PRIME- Desert world. Evil alien artifact discovered. Xanthite Nylis vs. Witch Hunter Melchia.
GENNEMAN PRIME- astropath relay station
GENOST Lucifer Princip- Claims to be Son of Emperor. Civil war. Webway Terminal
GHASTRI IV Temple of the Redemption founded by Devotee Malicant's ancestord during a Redemption Crusade from Necromunda.
GHEHENNA PRIME. Volcanic Hiveworld. Crystal mines. Titanicus vs. Gargants. Balthaser spire= Genestealer cult.
GHULAG 97 Imperial penitentiary death world. IG "Gate Keepers" stationed there.
GILDEN'S STAR Blood Angels Vs. Word Bearers (HH)
GLACIS FORMUNDUS Lieutenent Kage on sentry duty with Trobarans and Typhons after being released from Last Chancers- until he kills an officer...
GLADRINUS VI Inquisitor Tyrus employs the Ordeal of the Blade against Sarcaphon Hydrupasta.
GLETCHER Ice World. Visited by Necro. 8th Reg't "Spiders"
GATHROG Ork world. [Obscurus]
GOLGOTHA Desert. Twin moons. Space Wolves vs. Orks (Ghazghkull Thraka). Prime = Squat stronghold! Vs. Orks (Yarrick). Network of systems in Golgotha sector is Thraka's stronghold, where he retreats after the second Armageddon War (pursued by Black Templars).
GOLIAN Orbital Schola Progenium. Josef Khoriv transferred from Imperial Navy based there to become a drill abbot. Josef and Inquisitor Covenant cleanse Golian of Genestealer cult.
GONNACRASH Swears fealty to Malefica Arkham, who uses Abaddon's Planet Killer to carve out his own empire. Quinrox Sound. [goth]
GORANG Uriah Jacobus dies of a lung-destroying virus.
GORORAN III Trading guild robbed by a man matching Von Castellan's description.
GORRO Horus saves Emperor's life during the crusades (Vs. Orks).
GRAGNAR Ork world. Orks Vs. Fir Iolarion.
GRAIA Forge World. GRAIA II Factory. Orbital defences Vs. Kraken. Cleansed. [Ultima]
GRANICA PRIME Agri-world. Supplies Armageddon with food. Assaulted by four ork space hulks. Space Wolves vs. Orks.
GRECHTHEUS Source of report on recent technological developments. Report recieved by Draug IX.
GRENDEL'S WORLD Isolated world. Distress signal leads to investigation by scouts of the Mortifactors. X= Culled by Night Lords- all population murdered. [Ysobael Cloud, EF]
GRIMM'S WORLD Imperial Guard Regiment world
GRYPHONNE IV Forge world. T=War Griffons (Titan Legion) G=bionically modified troopers.
GUDRUN Trade world.
GUGANN Iron Warriors cleanse Hrud Warrens (pre HH).
GURANTA D Gurantan System. Birthplace of Lemann Russ!? NOT!
GURYAN Mining world. Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. [Pacificus]

H2656 logging world. IG recruit.
HALLEN XX Temple claims to possess the skull of Saint Decessio, whose ship was lost in the warp.
HANNIBAL Ex-Eldar world colonized by humans. Lost world Found by Terror Tigers. Imperial Fists Vs. Eldar (banshees)
HARRIFAX Last chancers assault Castle Shornigar, take heavy casualties.
HAURON II Knight World. Dibran, Kijilan Vs. Kranston, Mayrock clans.
HEDEROIA Heretic world. Conquered by Macharius. [HZ]
HELES Imperial Guard Recruit world.
HELLION V Imperial Guard Vs. Orks.
HELVETIA? Imperial Guard recruit world. Fifth Helvetian regiment.
HERANO'S WORLD Island chains, jungles. Word Bearers defeat some of the Eldar from Varantha Craftworld.
HESPERUS Wine exporter.
HIATUS 15 Presumed original destination of 116th Catachan fire support squad, who server with Xenthorp garrison now.
HOBART'S PLANET Barren world- thin air, no humans, little indigenous life. Slow axial rotation splits planet into night and day sides. Night lords ship crash lands with Hand of Darkness. Cypher sent by Abbadon to recover it. Dark Angels intercept in an attempt to capture Cypher.
HOIGHT Garden world. Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
HOLGAR IV Space Wolves Vs. Eldar.
HOLON PRIME Tallarn "Gravediggers" vs. Eldar (762-765.M35)
HOPTOR IV 23rd Vintor Reg't attack.
HORNE'S WORLD Rebellion. (In Claw nebula= Cragmor's Buccaneers)
H'THRA Jungle. 5th Thranx reg't (Devil's Marauders) Vs. Rebels.
HUBRIS Ice world Irregular orbit. 11 month long Dormant period- inhabitants cryofrozen during winter. Inq. Eisenhorn vs. Murdin Eyclone.
HUBRIS II Imperial world claimed by Eldar of Biel Tan craftworld.
HUME Angels Porphyr vs. Rebel IG. Brothr Damos wounded by surprise attack of Marauder bombers. Chose to be entomed in a dreadnought.
HURRAH (later known as Horror). Colony. Zephro's home world Lost to Slaanesh. Zephro saved by Eldar Warlock Ketshamine.
HYDRAPHUR Segm. Pacificus HQ.
HYMIR II Ork world. Warlord Grendel's bodyguard killed by Einherjar Brigade, 26th Valhallan regt. during Battle of Nifleimos, Nerthus crusade.
HYPERNOL Resupply system. Penal Colony on moon.

IANTE Red-black clouds. Chaplain De Haan of the Word Bearers confronts defeated farseer from Varantha craftworld, who reveals a prophecy of their end.
IAX Garden world. Model Agri-world. Capital city=First Landing. Spasely populated. [edge of Mac]
ICHAR IV Hive. C=Lomar. Ultramarines vs. 'Stealer cult. Hive fleet Kraken attacks Dief, Babylon, Midas, Cambria, Loki, Nova Castille, Nemesis, Lomas, Cantium, Perseus, and Oceanos hives. Cleansed. (Kraken) [Ultima]
ICOLBAR Ork Waaagh in nearby system kills Astropath.
IDUNO Imperial Fists pacification of heretical insurgence.
IKKYO Forest world. Ultramarines Vs. Tyranids.
INCUNABLA Dead world. Site of an ancient lab. Project Homo Sapiens Novus part of the Cursed Founding, including creation of Flame Falcons and Black Dragons chapters. Site attacked, presumably by Fabius Bile. Sealed lower sections remained undiscovered until 40,998- when again, site presumably raided as Grey Knights found nothing of the team that rediscovered the lab. [Solar]
INWIT Primitive world. Ice Hives. Emperor on great crusade is met by Rogal Dorn, who presents the mobile space station Phalanx. R=Imperial Fists. [Ultima?]
INX Provost of Inx blessed Eisenhorn's power sword..
ISSTVAN III X=Scoured by Horus, beginning the Horus Heresy. Dead world.
ISSTVAN V Temporary base for Horus after Isstvan III. Virus bombed by horus? 2nd Pacification: Desert Lions use Robots in Op. Carthage.
IXIST? IG recruit world.

JAKART Ork world. Conquered by Macharius' 4th army. [Pacificus]]
JALFREZI III Reconquered during early days of Macharius. [Pacificus]
JARIX V Titanicus vs. Eldar titans.
JERICHO III [SP] Dark Eldar destroy capital, slaughter over 20,000 inhabitants. [SP, Tempestus]
JERULAS Hive World. Black Templars Marine Artificer Simagus constructed the first Crusader pattern Land Raider to help with numerous besiegements.
JHANNA Imperial world north of galactic core. During Apostasy, Vandire orders the orbital batteries to melt the polar ice caps, drowning 4 billion people. In 40,904, Marneus Calgar leads forces that recapture two renegade Ocean cities Omon and Vorlencia (vs.Chaos Marines) [ultima]
JORAN Ultramarines retaliation against the Tau empire cut short when they are recalled to Macragge during invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41.
JUCHA Jungle. 5 regiments refuse order to withdraw and resupply, ending the war 6 months early. Possibly source of virus that ultimately caused death of Macharius (Macharius 7th army) [Pacificus]
JUMAEL IV Agriworld. IG regiment= Jumael I "lucky aces".
JUNO Last Chancers witness death during river crossing
JUPITER Orbital Jovian Shipyards (Emperor, Tyrant, Dominator class).
JURN Ork world. Valhallans vs. Orks. Imperial navy vs. Dark Eldar, who retreat from in-system gravity field (evidence of ability to appear instantly over worlds). [SP, Tempestus]
JUSTICE ROCK Near Perturabo- Iron Warriors mount a campaign against the heretical Black Judges (HH).
JYTOR Swamps. [WOF?] Space Wolves lose ship (vs. Orks).

KABAAL II agriworld.
KADAVAH Chaos marines Vs. Blood Angels.
KADO Hiveworld. Legio Crucius vs. Chaos (Emperor class Titan Praeco Deictus lost).
KAHAAL Imperial world. Site of Necron Tomb. Eldar sent to prevent humans from awakening Necron.
KAJAR VI Stormtroopers vs. Orks.
KALIDUS Hive. SW Term's Vs. 'Stealers. Russ Vs. Jonson, then both Vs. Chaos (HH).
KALKOS II Commissar Severinus Honored in battle.
KALLASTIN Conquered by Macharius 1st army. [pacificus]
KALLERN? Massacres by Flesh Tearers marines in M36.
KALLISTI? G=Kallistan, at war vs. pirates of Bo
KALOTH System plagued by orks, building Roks for space warfare. [goth?]
KANADA A3 Beast Alpha System. Zoats first sighted.
KAR DUNIASH Ultima Segm. HQ. Imperial outpost called to Exterminate? planet Cabellas.
KARESH Nomad world. Webway Terminal. C=Karesh City.
KARIS CEPHALON Deserted forge-mine complex known as Taberna Ostium is site of imprisoned daemon Prince named Pharaa'gueotla. Inq. Lichenstein, searching for Librarium Hereticus, vs. Inquisitor Tyrus.
KARKASON Volcanic mineral world. Power Crystals, Psycurium. C=Sagramoso City. L= Fulgor Sagramoso- rebel. Imperial fists Vs. Rebels, Titans (6 Warlord, 1 Emperor).
KARIS CEPHALON Imperial world. Site of astrological convergence. Mutant slave labor trade broken up by Inquisitor Tyrus. "The Angel" - weapon from Dark Age of technology- hidden in catacombs under Capital. Settled during golden age, resettled during great crusade (29,350). C=Amethyst Palace, centered around pre-Imperial construct known as Needle of Sennamis (possible psychic conductor). 5.3K light years from Earth. Coptis sector [tempestus]
KARSH XIII Ice Caverns. Cache of force rods found.
KASTION IV Valedictor Marines vs. Chaos (Vestra City).
KATO Near catachan. [solar]
KENDRICK'S WORLD- Imperial outpost [fringe]. Kryptman discovers Kraken.
KETHRA Governor conspired to secede from Imperium. White Panthers marines destroy orbital defense platforms, drop on planet, wipe out planetary defenses, execute the governor, and demolition the planet's armory.
KHARLOS II Malefica Arkham, using Abaddon's Planet Killer, is discovered by Omega squadron. Planet Killer is destroyed.
KIMMERIA Feral. Imperial Guard recruit world. Head hunting tribes. Rumored home world of Azrael. [Ultima]
KINTARRE Treasury sacked by Word Bearers.
KITARAX Nebula- ihabitants know Daemon Prince Cherubael a "the Scourge".
K'LASHAN Alien world. Imperial forces known to slaughter alien population.
KLEISTES II Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
KNARTS LANDING- industrial world. Calgar eliminates rebel army led by General Dornal.
KOATH SYSTEM- Source of space debris- remains of a Tau probe.
KOBALT II Imperial Watch Station. Near Hubris, Thracian Primaris, and Gudrun.
KONOR- Adeptus Mechanicus research world. [Mac]
KONRAR? Imperial Guard regiment
KORALKAL VIII Invaded by Tyranids. Catachan XVIII "Swamprats" stalk Tyranids for 7 years.
KOREALIS Dead star. Pirate base wiped out by Inq. , BA (M38). Space hulk (genestealers) with third shard of Talisman of Lykos.
KORSK II Plains. Marines vs. Rebels (lord Vorlak).
KRAGMEER Ice world. IG vs. Orks.Ansidium-90 mines.
KRIEG Autarch declared independence from Emperor. Colonel Jurten uses atomic cleansing to subdue rebellion, turning Krieg into a toxic, ash polluted wasteland for 500 years. G= Death Corps. [tempestus]
KRONIDA V Jungle world.
KRONOS SECONDUS 25 yr war between Black Templars and Khorne Berzerkers
KRONRATHA PRIME Tau invade (vs. IG)
KRUM XVI Congomen "ironsides" rough riders regiment
KURZON'S FALL Imperial Jungle world. Dark Eldar attacks prompt the Cardinal of neigboring SANCTUS PRIMA to urge for War of Faith against all aliens in the ORPHEUS SECTOR. Biel Tan craftworld in the area hope to avoid the war by fighting the Dark Eldar, but Dark Eldar break through and attack Imperial forces. [Tempestus]

LACKAN XV Inquisitor Quixos, age 176, on purge when wounded by a daemon.
LACRIMA DOLOROSA III- Feral world. Tyranids Vs. Marines (nearby space).
LACROSATI Imperial world. Corrupt government targeted by an orbital missile under control of an Inquisitor.
LAMARNO Feral. Inhabitants absorbed by Kraken. Infested. [Ultima]
LAMSARROTE Pontius Glaw, Disciple of Chaos, slain by Inq. purge led by Absalom Angevin.
LANAMORGSTEIN Halo world. Source of the plans for the Planet Killer built by Abaddon. [HZ]
LANDFALL III Grain harvest.
LAND'S END Reconquered during early days of Macharius. [Pacificus]
LANDOR IV Forest world. Dark angels search for the Fallen- Vs. Catachans. L= Lord Quandros Sylman
LANGOSTA III Agri-World. Farming communities. Wiped out by Hive Fleet Kraken.
LANNIS IX Marines vs. Insurrection
LAPIS MAJORIS Tyrranies of Dark Age of Technology. Conquered by Macharius. [HZ]
LARRAS LANDING Site of Marine assault where orbital defenses are destroyed and drop pods used.
LAST REACH Forest/Agri world.
LASTRATI- Hive world. During Apostasy, the Divine Army sect gains control, enslaves and kills nearly the entire population of 14 billion inhabitants. Ordo Malleus vs. Daemonhost Akharakesh and his small empire in depths of Ghronos Hive. [ultima]
LEKKERBEK, NERO NINE- Appearence by Harlequin Troupes looking for book of Rhana Dandra (also Karesh, Sabulorb).
LEMINITUS? Carnelian Palace x= Lord Macharius.
LETHE M=Flame Falcons, driven off by Grey Knights, White Consuls (Cursed Fdg.) Juniptown. Imperial Navy "recruiting" (shanghaiing) world. Outer system = ore mines.
LEVILNOR IV Site of temple of the Star Child- eradicated by the Inquisition. Some Sensei escaped though.
LEXXIA? IG regiment= Lexxian IX "Sawtooths"
LIMA ROGAN Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. Between Chiros[pacificus] and Gathalamor [solar]
LOGAN'S WORLD Isolated by Warp storms [EOT]. Humans vs. orks. Mining. Slaves. C=Helsreach. Renegade Myron Jubalgunn?
LOGRES ice world, krill farmers, Gurard vs. Tarellians.
LOKI 7 Swamp. Chaos vs. Imperial forces.
LORENNIS X Cadians vs. Orks. 2 large continents connected by isthmus with canal- battle for Gryphon bridge.
LORENTIAN IV Hive world. IG regiment.
LORESSA Agri-world. Inquisitor Tyrus' homeworld, invaded by Daemon Prince Kholoth. Tyrus rescued by Witch Hunter Covonis. (Obscurus)
LOST HOPE Deathworld. Home of Lashworms, Rippy Fish.
LUCAN Research outpost. Marine Fortress Monastery (Space Wolves?)L=Lord Lucan.
LUNA Imperial Fleet Base. Defences destroyed by Horus (HH).
LUTHER MCINTYRE IX- Desert world. Home of Ambulls, Crawlers, Sunworms, Micah dragon. [tempestus]
LUXOR Civilized world. Governor=Luger. Capitol=Kadavah. Uprising.
LUXOR IV Dark Angels vs. Tyranids.
LUXORIS BETA Agri-world. Imperial Guard vs. Eldar. Two years earlier, orks cleared from planet by Guard.
LUXUS PRIME Sun- Luxus. Grain world. Caput city. L=Lord Lagnost. Slaaneshi cult uprising. Draco loses Googol, Finds Grimm.

MACHARIA Supply base, start of Macharian campaign. Site of Macharius' tomb. [pacificus]
MACKAN Imperial world. Abaddon and Chaos forces vs. Blood Angels. [solar]
MACRAGGE M=Ultramarines. Rocky world protected by orbital defenses and 2 polar defense grids. Ultramarines, Legio Praetor vs. Hive Fleet Behemoth [Ultima]
MAELSTROM VI Terraformed world. Threatened by G'stealer hulk Obscura.
MAGDELON Assaulted by marines.
MAGINOR Imperial world. Organization of traders and nobles known as the Mystic Path use Warp related items to improve their influence, supported by Inquisitor Quixos until purged by Inquisitor Helgrund.
MAGNOS II Deathworld? Atmosphere processors keep temperature livable. Pro-alien terrorists threaten to destroy one of the processors. Inquisitor Eisenhorn vs. Inquisitor Tyrus.
MALVOLION Agri-world. Overrun by Tyranids Iron Guard, Lamenters vs. Tyranids.
MANDALL IV Alien cult taken over the capital- destroyed by Deathwatch.
MARS Forge world. Adeptus Mechanicus. Legio Ignatium (1 of 3 Legios on Mars). Orbital shipyards= Segm. Solar HQ. Librarius Omnis= deadly ruins where Arkhan Land found STC information on armored battle tanks and anti-grav plates. City of Ares Primus= origin of Spartan (Landraider variant)
MATAPA IV Imperial Guard vs. Iron Warriors. Crossing of Xanijes river.
MAZOTH Eldar Vs Chaos rebels.
MEDUSA M=Iron Hands. (and possibly Sons of Medusa?)
MEDREDAX Population incited to commmit ritual suicide by Daemon Prince Cherubael.
MEDRENGARD (aka PERTURABO). New homeworld for the Iron Warriors, post HH. Fortified world. Prison world. Black sun & City, white sky. (EOT)
MELKIAR? Imperial Guard Regiment
METALICUS Forge World.
METHALOR Hive world. Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. World closest to Bucharis' base of operations on Gathalamor. [solar]
MID CALVEUS CVIII- Near Armageddon. Plagued by warp storms. [solar]
MIHOK Gas giant 30 light years from Cadia. Mihok Secundus- forest moon. Cadians defend Cobalt Valley from Alpha Legion, destroying governor's mansion with tank barrage after it is captured by Alpha Legion.
MILARRO Asteroid Seminaries of the Word Bearers.
MIRAL Deathworld. Emp. Scythes, Guard Vs. Kraken. [Ultima]
M'KHAND Forge World.
M'LAAR XIII Daemon world in Ganglax sector. Khorne lord Ekrak conquered world during Blackstar Crusade, but now contested by all 4 chaos powers.
MOLECH House Devine betrays Imperial forces (HH) [solar]
MOLOCH (I,II,III) Mining Worlds. Guard, Eldar Vs. Kraken. [ultima]
MOLOV L= renegade Governor Vlacheck. Redemptor Kyrinov leads revolt, overthrows Vlachek. [ultima]
MONGLOR Ogryn Mining world. Angels of Redemption quell Ogryn revolt during 3rd war for Armageddon. [Solar]
MORAG'S WORLD. Island Chains. Word Bearers defeat White Scars, raise pillars and statues.
MORBELLUM Reconquered during early days of Macharius. [Pacificus]
MORDIAN Hive World. Night world.. G= Iron Guard. (Battle on light side -HH) [Obscurus]
MOREK REEF Asteroid field near Naxos System. Imperial vs. Chaos fleets. [gothic]
MORISHA L= governor Yawell (renegade)- to be assassinated by Venenum Temple assassin. [EF]
MORTANT Hive world. IG regiment- Mortant VII "headhunters"
MORTARION Plague planet. Current location of Mortarion / Death Guard. (EOT)
MULLIS IV Jungle world. Catachans search for STC template on orders of Mechanicus (vs. Necrons).
MUNDUS PLANUS, a.k.a. CHOGORIS. M= White Scars. Jaghatai Khan unites the nomadic warrior tribes of the steppes known as the Empty Quarter. He then defeats the forces of Palatine, then ruler of most of the population of Chogoris, just a few years before the arrival of the Emperor (pre-Crusade). C=Quan Zhou? (site of Khan's Palace). [Pacificus]

NAHAKRA Desolate world, raided by Dark Eldar Dracon Khireraq
NAMAGROD binary sun. Gaunt's Ghosts vs. renegades.
NAOGEDDON Dead world.
NEARLYTHERE Mining world. Clan Mackenzie of Dunroamin VI purchased goods stolen from this world. [ultima]
NECROMUNDA Hive world. R=Imperial Fists. L=Helmawr. Palatine hive = 8th Necro. Reg't, Imperial Fists fortress. Acropolis hive, Nautilus spire:Genest'rs Vs. Imperial Fists. Trazior Hive- Acritas Clan Vs. Undercity Gangs (3 spires).
NEUSS-FOUR Grey world. X after Judit taken off by Blackship.
NEXXAS Emperor's Children Vs. Imperial Guard.
NEW HALLEFUSS- Biologis Research Station. Investigating Tyranid biology.
NEW KLONDIKE Rough Terrain, low fuel supplies.
NEW REST- Poor world. Brigant XV vs. Renegade Cardinal Namil (leader of several rebel worlds in the area). [Ultima]
NICKEL V In the Donian sector. Donian crusade (Black Templars Vs. Orks). Brother Austein killed, succeeded by Marshal Wernher. [pacificus]
NIKAEA Site of the council to review the Thousand Sons (pre-heresy). Edict of Nikaea- Emperor decrees to train librarians but banishes the use of sorcery.
NOCTURNE Volcanic, ash laden world. R= Salamanders. Oversized moon of Prometheus forms base for Salamanders. Binary planetary system (planet and moon) have erratic orbit, and Nocturne suffers massive tectonic activity as a result. [ultima]
NOGOROD Horse Lodges.
NOSTRAMO Mining world (adamantium). Konrad Kurze's homeworld (city of Quintus). M=Night Lords. Night world. Dying sun, eternal eclipse of the moon, TENEMOR, and pollution-clogged atmosphere causes rampant crime / depression. X= destroyed by Konrad Kurze and his fleet! before HH.

NOVISBIRSK Warlord Spratzog bombards, assaults Imperial guard.

OERIBUS Backwater world. Twin suns. Fools gate = settlement where Inquisitor Eisenhorn, questing for Liber Angelicus, vs. Inquisitor Covenant, following spoor of Chaos.
OPHELIA? Home world of Cardinal Symian?
ORAN Feral world.
ORBAL Sun =Phosphor. Inquisitor Ion Dimitru murdered.
ORLENZA Imperial world. C= Commander Brassika. Aleti= neighboring system. Trade dispute with Imperium leads to assassination by Callidus.
ORNSWORLD- Ratling world (Stumper Muckstart) [obscurus]
OPHELIA IV Alternate home to the Ecclesiarchy prior to the Age of Apostasy. Rich Convent Prioris of the Adepta Soroitas [EF]
OKASSIS Cardinal world. Saint Praxedes, IG vs. Tyranids (2nd tyrannic war). [ultima]
OKKU L=Lord of Okku. Sold subjects to Ork Slavers. (Assassinated).
OLTHANDOR Imperial Guard Regiment world.
OLYMPAS Hive world. Rival factories conduct raids on each other. Homeworld of Lt. Kage of 13th penal legion (Last Chancers).
OLYMPIA- Rugged, Mountainous world. Homeworld of Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors. Fortified city states, including Lochos where Perturabo found. While on Crusade, Olympians revolt. Horus sends Iron Warriors to supress rebellion, which they do, killing 5 million civilians and leading them down the path to chaos. (start of HH). Ultramarines, Imperial Fists cleanse defending Iron Warriors from planet, but at great cost, as they detonated their missile stockpiles as a final defiance, leaving a blasted wasteland that, like other traitor legion homeworlds, has been declared Perditia.
OLZAI-49 Deathworld.
ORAR Imperial world. Destination of Imperial Guard escorted by Imperial Fleet during Abaddon's space campaign. Fleet stationed at Orar cut off until traitor blockade at Anvil 206 broken by Battleship Bloodhawk. Orar subsector [Goth].

PALUS OLIDUS Jungle world, mutants found by Macharius [HZ]
PANETHA VARN? Priesthood of the Decagogue actually a Slanneshi cult, discovered by Von Castellan and Inquisitor Covenant.
PARAMAR V Legio Ignatium Vs. Deaths Heads. Appearance by Fabius Bile. Devastated planet. [solar]
PARAVAX Third moon= ancient Eldar site discovered by Imperial explorer Eeusis Mung.
PARIS 447 Barricade planet.
PARMENIO Ultramarines Training World. [Mac]
PATRIA IG held out against Kroot invasion for 47 years
PELUCIDAR- High Gravity world. Terraformed underground jungles. Imperial fleet ambushes lead Ork forces entering Armageddon system. [ARM]
PERDUS MAGNUS- Blood Angels outpost. BA Vs. G'Stealers.
PERISOPOLA Hive world. Pro-Alien cult trying to repair an ancient beacon- actually a front for Ordo Xenos Inquisitor since the beacon will warn off an alien fleet.
PERSEPOLIS Hive World. Recontacted after 5,000 years by Macharius. [Pacificus]
PHANACIA? Phanacian school of thought believes the Emperor was fully deified when he defeated Horus. [pacificus].
PHAETON Forge World.
PIRAEUS Start of ill fated jump to Crows World resulting in the loss of the Fire Hawks Fortress Monastery "Rapturous Rex".
PISCINA IV Imperial ocean world- main continent= Kadillus. C= Sousan. 3 moons. Assaulted by orks Ghazghkull and Nazdreg, using teleporters to get reinforcements. Stopped by Dark Angels (Scout Sgt. Namaan) at battle for Koth Ridge.
PISCINA V Desert/Jungle deathworld. System colonzied prior to Dark Age of Technology. DA (sgt. Namaan) vs. Orks (Thraka, Nazdreg)- battle of Koth Ridge, Kadillus Harbor [obscurus]
PLANET OF THE DEAD [Ultima]- X=Kraken?
PLANET OF THE SORCERERS- Current location of Magnus /1,000 Sons. "City of light" said to have survived destruction of Prospero by transporting to this daemon world. Silver Towers able to detatch from the City of Light and act as space-faring fortresses for the Thousand Sons. C=Tower of the Cyclops. Book of the 1000 sons. (EOT)
POLARIS Site of ancient Ork power field generators, studied by Xenarite Mechanicus Tezla.
PORETTA SYSTEM 5 worlds, 3 inhabitable with mineral rich mountain ranges. Discovered in 39,365. Inhabited by Demiurg (squats???), squat semi-humanoids normally drifting through galaxy on asteroid harvesting ships.
PORETTA IV- largest inhabited world. Valhallan Polar Guard vs. Demiurg.
PORT MAW Hive world. [Obscurus] Naval base not far from Lethe.
PORTREIN Khorne vs. Loyalists.
POSUL Feral world. Near-perpetual darkness. Cannibals, death worship. R= Mortifactors. Birthplace of Brother Artemis.
PRAETORIA G=Praetorians (massacre at Big Toof river).
PRANDIUM Prosperous, temperate world stripped bare by Hive Fleet Behemoth. Dead world. [Mac]
PROMETHEUS moon of Nocturne. M= Salamanders.
PROMOR Last chancers vs ?
PROSPERO M=1,000 sons (HH). A remote planet populated by mutant psykers seeking asylum from the Imperium. "City of Light"- a massive single citadel with silver towers, hydroponics, techno-psychic collector arrays. X=Cleansed by Space Wolves.
PROTON SECUNDUS- Colony. Orks vs. Howling Griffons.
PROXIMA Bjorn killed while trying to rescue Space Wolves trapped in Blacksun fortress.
PROXIMA FINALIS Inquisitor Eisenhorn raids a mutant rebel hideout, after hiring Lucius "slick" Devlan. Penal Legion vs. orks- only survivors later join Last Chancers.
PROXIMUS MUNDI- Bureau of stellar cartography
PURGATORY Imperial mining outpost. Night Lords capture 'hand of night' (aka Hand of Darkness) chaos artifact from Cadian Guard. [obscurus].
PYRA? 114th Pyran Dragoon Regiment.

QARTAD feral world. IG Recruit world.
QUARAN Desert world. Waaagh-makrina broken when Bjorn defeats ork warlord Makrina.
QUINTARN, TARENTUS, MASALI- Triple worlds orbit a common center of gravity. Desert worlds with massive Agri-domes. Competitive games are held between the three worlds to determine who will be recruited into the Ultramarines chapter. Invaded by Orks after hive fleet Behemoth- repelled by Marneus Calgar. [Mac]
QUISTO'ROL Near Storm of Emperor's Wrath [ultima]

RADAWL Death world. Mist-shrouded world, vapor swamps. White Scars fought there.
RADNAR [Kreel Nebula]. 'Stealer revolt vs. Arbites. (Kraken) Infested. [Ultima]
RAEL'S WORLD Orks Vs. Imperial. L= Cmdr. Skar Kulm. Maintains a Penal Colony.
(RAKEL'S WORLD)- Source of Polymorphine.
RALGOR VII Scoured by Necro. Guard. Fire Wasps Vs. Chaos marines.
REBO V Abaddon captures the blackstone fortress using the Hand of Darkness. Cyclops cluster. [goth]
REGIL IV (aka Regi IV) Dark Eldar led by Kruellagh slaughter Sisterhood temple. Weapons recovered from Dark Eldar Battle.
REILLIS Emperor saves Horus' life during the crusades.
RESTO PRIMIS Led by Dolan, inhabitants overload geothermal power network in rebellion of Bucharis. (Apostasy)
RHANDA Civilized world. Conquered by Cardinal Bucharis during age of apostasy. [solar]
RHANNA Imperial world. [solar]
RHEA Orbital refineries. Word Bearers lured there by Eldar from Varantha craftworld, to be attacked by Genestealers plaguing the sattelite compounds.
RIGEL Imp. Guard (Rigellian XXV regiment).
ROTHERN I (aka rostern) Vindicator tank created for fighting in the streets of Stahlenberg during the Horus Heresy.
ROURAN Cadian System. Ringed planet.
ROUAN Mining world. Clan Mackenzie of Dunroamin VI purchased goods stolen from this world. [ultima]
ROXANZAND (chelio sector) Ork world. Warlord Urgak the unstoppable assassinated by vindicare temple.
RUDRA Leman Russ' armor recovered from Temple of Horus during 2nd great hunt.
RUKH'S PARADISE Amerialla Belt. After Blood Angels stationed there, some of the population have gone missing, turning up later drained of blood (347.M36). [Ultima]
RYNN'S WORLD Agri-world. Near Ork Empire of Charadon. C=New Rynn City. M=Crimson Fists. Chapter fortress (in the Hellblade mountains) destroyed by a malfunctioning defense missile, nearly wiping out entire chapter. Snagrod Vs. Crimson Fists. [Loki Sector, Tempestus]
RYZA Forge world. Forest? Cadian Regiment of Guard vs. orks at Hera's gate. [solar]

SABULORB Cold desert. Old Slann world? Webway Terminal. X= Burnt by Sun C=Shandabar? (Oriens temple=Genestealer vs. Meh'lindi).
SAHARDUIN Cluster of unexplored alien planets.
SAHCH V Canal cities. Word Bearers plan to overthrow planet and take over thwarted by Eldar from craft world Varantha.
SALEM(asteroid) Monastery. X= monks self-poisoned to deny Kraken. [Ultima]
SALUTATION Aquatic world. Home of the Carniverous Sand Clam.
SANGRAAL Virus bombed by Imperial Fists (HH)
SAN LEOR Agri-world. Home planet of the Daughters of the Emperor [ultima]
SANOJ Eldar shut down Necron pyramids.
SAVAVEN Ecclesiarchical world. X= destroyed by Abaddon's Planet Killer. [goth]
SAVIOUR Heavily populated system in the Lysades sub-sector. Abaddon forces Saviour's orbital docks to produce ships for his fleet under threat of destruction. [goth]
SAVLAR PENITENS Volcanic moons: Mining, turned into Penal World, populated with prisoners from Bokur Rebellion. AKA "Dead Dog Moons". C= Judge Callistar. 100 light years from Armageddon. G= Savlar Chem-Dogs. [solar?]
SCHINDLEGEIST Site of Blackstone V, attacked by Abaddon's captured Blackstone fortresses [goth].
SCOPIOS Research Station. Asteroid base used by Mechanicus for dangerous experiments and research. Alien artifact turns station into machine warrior production line- combat with Elysian Drop Troops. X= Bombarded by fleet. Declared Purgatus.
SCHRAVANN Final refuge of Badoon stormed during Great Crusade. Start of rivalry between Rogal Dorn and Perturabo. This was the last campaign they served in together.
SEBASTIN VI Guard vs. eldar of Primitok system
SEBASTUS IV After the Heresy, Perturabo of the Iron Warriors set a trap for Rogal Dorn and the Imperial fists on Sebastus IV, building the Eternal Fortress- 20 square miles of fortifications. Dorn leads the Imperial Fists to near destruction trying to find Perturabo, losing 400 marines before the Ultramarines rescue him. Perturabo was elevated to Daemon Prince for this.
SEI-ORON Dark Angels vs. Orks.
SELARON III Blood Angels vs. renegade IG.
SELENIS Source of report on Eldar beliefs.
SERICA ravaged by warp storm Fenris [EOT?] IG recruit world.
SEPTIMUS V Genestealer hulk crashlands. Dark Angels engage.
SEPTUS IV Imperial world. Last stand BA vs. Chaos.
SETISLAV V Mordians defend governor's mansion from Eldar attack.
SIBB'S WORLD B.Angel Term.'s vs. Tzeench Marines (purified in 3 Months).
SILURIA Imperial world. Cities- Salvis, Protia. Fabian leads mutant rebellion known as the Church of the Abhorred, escapes pursuit by Inq. Tyrus. Damien 1427 (original name unknown) led a mutant rebellion against the Cardinal and governor Tyron Rex that was put down by security forces.
SILVANOS II agriworld
SIPRA IV Imperial world. Single continent. Last Chancers vs. Black Legion- battle for posession of AA-21 PWD plasma warhead.
SKALATHRAX Black cities, long frezing nights. World Eaters vs. Emperor's children. Kharn kills own troops, chapter scatters into warbands.
SKRAAG (BETA-ENTEBES III)- Ogryn homeworld (Lanky Ogryns)
SLATO Agri-world. 200,000 colonists. IG, Salamanders vs. Eldar. Adeptus Mechanicus refuse to destroy warp gate despite Eldar's urging. Gate used by Dark Eldar to invade world.
SOLOMON (System)- Home of the Grox
SOLSTICE Victory of Uriah Jacobus vs. Genestealer cult. L=King Ellesan? [tempestus]
SOTHA M=Emperor's Scythes. X= Kraken. [Ultima]
SPAWNDEATH Daemon World. Visited by Abaddon.
STALINVAST Jungle Hive world. C=Vasilariov. L= Lord Voronov-Vaux. Site of Genestealer Extermination. Hydra discovered by Draco. Draco brings Exterminatus to the planet. Webway Terminal in nearby space. Ulthwe' Eldar stage Rite of Cataclysm in orbit over the ruins.
STANDALONE Agri-world. Homeworld of Erin Octavus, who forces the Ecclesiarchy to commit him to arco-flagellation, becoming Simeon 38X.
ST. CAPILENE Missionary world. Inquisitor Severnius and Deathwatch vs. Genestealer cult.
ST. JOWENS DOCK Imperial Naval base subjected to a 7 day barrage by Orks en route to Armageddon. [Arm]
STRANIVAR Hive world. Three moons destroyed by Abaddon's planet killer, causing meteors to ravage planet. Bhein Morr sub-sector. [goth]
STRATIX Forge World. Raiding Dark Eldar raid polar arsenal, steal experimental military hardware. [SP, Tempestus] IG recruit world.
STRATON Temperate. Dark Angels vs. Tyranids in "last" Tyrannic war.
STROMHELM II Desert world. Dreadnoughts Vs. Orks.
STRYIA V Jungle world. BA purge native aliens.
STYGIES Agri-world. Near Ophelia. Lieutenant Kage murders his Sergeant, leading to his incarceration in the Last Chancers. [EF]
STYGIES VIII Vulcanis system (binary star). Forgeworld moon orbiting a ringed gas giant. Legio Honorum. Forge wold of Vulcanis I, II (traitor legion), defeated with help from Eldar during HH. Home of the Mechanicus sect known as the Xenarites (study of alien technology). [obscurus]
SULAIRN Ork world. Near Catachan [solar]
SULARIAN GATE Dark Angels vs. Orks- Ezekiel loses left eye (vs. Waa Groblonik)
SULO Arbites (Marshal Andrukas) investigates Lord Messarian. [EF]

TACHOMAN? slaver world
TAIRA SHODAN Site of Iron Hands fortresses. Waaagh Chobog diverted there by Eldar of Varantha Craftworld, avoiding Exodite and Imperial worlds in the process.
TALASA PRIME Inquisition Fortress. Kryptman Discovers Kraken. Base for Deathwatch marines. [Ultima]
TALLASAR Ocean World. Glaudor= only continent. Ultramarines Vs. Orks (post HH). Near Straits of Halk.[Mac]
TALLARN Desert. Fertile until virus bombed by Iron Warriors (HH). Ka'an Salient- 50,000 tanks clash in largest tank battle. G= Desert Raiders (vs. Slannesh) Site of the Cursus. [Tempestus]
TALLAWALD SECUNDUS Imperial forces vs. Chaos- beach landing includes Colonel Schaffer's last chancers.
TAMAHAL SECTOR Site of crashed Fra'al space craft studied by Xenarite Mechanicus Tezla.
TANITH (X) Home world of Imperial guard scouts "Tanith first and only", led by Commissar Gaunt.
TARANTIS Jump point. Raided by Orks. Star destroyed by Abaddon's Blackstone fortresses to prevent Imperial jumps. [goth]
TARSIS System of- Imperial forces Vs. Eldar
TARTERUS War torn world.
TARREN IV Emperor's Children invade Brandstat city.
TARRENHORST Agri-world. Warp creatures psychically enslaved entire population. Inquisitor Severnius killed, Deathwatch captain Artemis escapes. X= cyclonic torpedoes launched by Artemis.
TASSARIUS Plains world. Rough Riders Vs. Orks.
TEMUJIN'S WORLD Nomadic herding worlds.
TERLAKEN Svyz system. Near squat homeworlds.
TETHROCK QUAY Naval Outpost. Reports of increasing Necron activity. [Tempestus]
TETHRYS- Imperial world. X= Tyranid invasion, vortex bombed by Imperial forces.
THAGRA IV- Mutant slave world. Planet overrun by Alpha Legion, dividing slave mutants. White Panthers vs. Alpha Legion, mutants. Inquisitor Eisenhorn adopts the mutant Quovandius.
THAIN II Blood Angel Terminator attack.
THANDROS System Telepathica Matrix. (xvii). X= Behemoth. [Ultima]
THARKAN PRIME Tar pits. IG vs. Chaos. (armor battle).
THOTH Desert. Desert raiders vs. Chaos. General Arrian storms the Iron Wall. X= virus bombed. (Macharius 6th army) Conquered by Macharius. [Pacificus]
THRACIAN PRIMARIS Homeworld of Hadam Bonz and Saemon Crotes, mind controlled to serve Eyclone (vs. Inq. Eisenhorn)
THRANX Hive world. L= Gov. Gount Momery (m36) L=Gov. Huac (G'stealer magus). 10,000 Space Wolves stood at the Gates of Thranx during great crusades. Also, was site of conflict during Horus Heresy. Bjorn defeats rogue psyker Vornalan, averting rebellion (post HH) M.36- alien inspired rebellion sieges equatorial heat sinks. Iron Hands vs. rebels. X=Virus Bombed by Dark Angels. [solar]
TITAN (Saturn Moon). M= Grey Knights. Librarium Demonica.
TOLKAN Forge world.
TOPHAWR III Penal colony.
TORNISH Inq. Eisenhorn recruited Lores Vibben from Clan Slums.
TORVA MINORIS Feral world. Ravaged by warp storms during the age of Apostasy. Frequent mutant purges carried out. M, R= Fire Claws- stationed there to guard against eye of terror. Chapter pursues daemon relics in eye of terror, becomes Relictors. Inquisitorial investigation stops this practice and chapter now on penitent crusade- forbidden to recruit from Torva Minoris now. [EOT]
TRAFALGAR IV Asteroid belt. Chaos fleet vs. Imperial fleet.
TRANTIS IX Ultramarines vs. World Eaters (Exterminatus).
TREAB'S WORLD Sulphur desert. Salamanders vs. Death Guard. (HH?)
TRIPLEX PHALL Forge world. Legio Praetor. Titans fought against hive fleet Behemoth. [Ultima]
TROUDOR Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. Between Chiros[pacificus] and Gathalamor [solar]
TRUAN IX Inq. Trant Vs. Khorne, but Population already X= Eldar Titans (dead world) Azrael (Dark Angels?) present for scouring of planet?
TRURO system pacified by Mordian IG.
TSALGUASA Night Lords' base of operations for genocide and evil (during + after HH) [EF]
TUBRUQ Desert world. Space Wolves destroy armored column.
TULWA [WOF] Space Wolves ship lost on this world (vs. Orks). Calgar's forces (Ultramarines) destroy Iron Warrior's Fortress of Pain (40,704).
TURAN Imperial Guard Regiment.
TYPHOS PRIME Civilized world. Destination of Col. Shaeffer's Last Chancers. Ex-L=Warmaster Menitus? C=Coritanorum? , rebellious fortress? Threatened by navy orbital bombardment, despite Warmaster Menitus' protests. Hive Fleet Dagon mentioned in reference to the Navy's performance in Typhon sector.[Typhon Sector]
TYRAN Ocean. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator base. X=Hive Fleet Behemoth.[Ultima]
TYWIA? During Tywia campaign, IG regt. Jumael I 'Lucky aces" survive warp storm, capture fortress of Ironhide, discover Chambers of Gold.

UGGLOB (DRANNO IV)- Ogryn homeworld (stocky Ogryns)
ULANI Guard regiment raised for Ryza campaign vs. orks. [solar]
ULBARA? Imperial Guard recruit world. Ulbaran VIIIth led by Colonel Soth.
ULLANOR Crusade by Horus earns renaming of Lunar Wolves to Sons of Horus (pre HH)
ULTHRANX Emperor class battleship Legatus Stygies present at purgation of Ulthranx.
ULTIMA MACHARIA Previously known as Leminitus. Furthest world reached by Macharius (2nd army). [HZ]
UNGOR Site of 'Stealer infestation.
URALAN Devastated planet. Abbadon recovers Daemon Sword from the crypts below the towers of silence. [obscurus]
URK Backwater Ork planet. Home of Ghazghkull Thraka. Thraka shot in head- Doc Grotsnik replaced skull with bionics, and from then on Thraka rapidly rose to boss of whole planet. Dying sun prompts Thraka to lead Waaagh!
URMACH IV Destination of transmitted report on Eldar beliefs.
UTICA IV Ravaged by civil wars.

VALAAN Kyrinov purges chaotic legions of Demagogue Lord of Valaan, earning Mace of Valaan.
VALHALL (II?) Grimm gets tarot reading from Johanna Harzbelle.
VALHALL II Grief Bringer Marines (led by Inq. Serpilian) Vs. Enslavers.
VALHALLA Ice world. Was warm sea until hit by comet. G=Ice Warriors. Vs. invading Orks. [ultima]
VANOR XXI Asteroidal mining colony. Heretic lord Varlak rumored to be gathering another army for rebellion.
VARGON III Tallarn Sentinels raid Ork ammo dumps, columns and encampments during pacification of planet.
VAUST Rebelled against Bucharis' tyranny during Apostasy. Between Chiros[pacificus] and Gathalamor [solar].
VALOS Stripped of life by Hive Fleet Behemoth [Ultima]
VANHEIM a.k.a. VANAHEIM Forge world / Hive world. 3 hives slaughtered during (HH). Recently assaulted by marines. [solar]
VARESTUS PRIME Jungle Deathworld. Giant scorpions, eyerot, sink swamps.
VARRNIX PRIME Deathwatch Captain Artemis finds crystalline Weaponry of the Psy-Gore of Perseus.
VENGEANCE Overrun by Tyranids before Aldebaran Varn arrived. [ultima]
VERDAN III agriworld
VERIDIAN Feral. [Ultima] Cat. Jungle fighters vs. hive fleet Kraken.
VIDIUM Hive World. C=Vidium Prime. Duke Masal of Vidium Prime conspires against Duke Vajo of Hive Remus, hiring Dark Eldar as assassins. All hives, including Romulus and Carthage, invaded by Dark Eldar. Fate of world is final transmission of Amadeus Sorjik Vlachen, Ordo Xenos.
VINDICT V Ravager Marine Subheadquarters.
VISTRO Convoy en route to Vistro attacked by Dark Eldar, taking ore and destroying several ships. [SP, Tempestus]
VOLTARIUS Legendary planet frequently cut off by warp storms. Also, a Space Hulk near EOT with pre-dark age relics defended by Chaos forces.
VOSS Forge World.
VRAST Homeworld of Cardinal Simeon, who investigates case of Erin Octavus on nearby world of Standalone.
V'RUN Ork world. Yarrick's first encounter with Orks. [Tempestuous]

XARXIS PLETHIS Homeworld of Duke Von Castellan, Rogue Trader.
XENAN 7 Inhabited by warrior women.
XENOPHON Guard Recruit World. Xerxes star. Inquisitor Rufus Olafson murdered.
XENTHORP MAJOR , MINOR Xenthorp system currently protected by 23rd Bruttiam Regiment, vs. Eldar Raiders, Decius Mus (Arch Heretic of Auscum) with help from Lords of Wrath chapter.
XERXES QUINTUS Jaq's homeworld.
XERXES QUARTUS Mining world?
XIT Ork world in Wheel of Fire. SW vs. Orks (Kulo Kargash).
XV/108 Dead system. Blue star. Possible location of fragment of Hive Fleet Kraken after their attack on Ichar IV. [Typhon sector, Ultima]

YAQUIT 27? Battle of Moden's Ridge- Catachans led by Col. Straken vs. L'Huraxi aliens.
YAMMAN Home of Mimics.
YAMNAN Feudal world.
YAMNIN? G= Yamnin Volunteers (crusaders).
YARANT Abbadon leads Sons of Horus terminators vs. Loyalists (HH) [solar]
YARANT I Eldar (titans) Vs. Chaos
YARANT III War Griffons Vs. Orks, Vs. Chaos. (titans)
YARANT IV Eldar Vs. Death Guard. Alpha legion vs. Loyalists.
YIMBO-BIM Poor in minerals. Home of the Ferro-Beast.
YMGARL (moon of) Presumed homeworld of Genestealers. Research station on planet?
YMNAR Imperial forces (Inquisitor Kryptman) vs. Daemons

ZAGA IV Macharius vs. Chaos Marines. [Pacificus]
ZANDRINI PRIME Resting place of the Malus Codicium in the Library of Othella, until Inquisitor Quixos removes it, much to the frustration of Inquisitor Helgurund who was searching for it for 30 years.
ZARAZAN Desert world. Tyranids vs. Imperial forces.
ZARONA Desert world. Oil fields. Inquisitor Galleus vs. cultists in posession of an oil mining facility.
ZARO'S WORLD Orks vs. IG of the Lorentian IV for over 10 years. 2 months travel from Last Reach.
ZEUS VI Farm world.
ZHOROS M=Fire Hawks. Thermal bombed during Age of Apostasy
ZOPHRIS V Peace delegation of Biel Tan attacked by Imperial forces under command of Major Gloris.
ZORN IV Jungle world. Catachan Guard (82nd) vs. Tyranid hive fleet.


ASUR One of the Eldar homeworlds, lost in the Fall. Asumen's home.
CITY OF KHARIS (not a planet)- Location of huge Ancient Eldar Sphynxes.
COMMORRAGH City of the Dark Eldar. Hidden in the Webway. Eternal twilight. Torture chambers, Death Arenas, dark alleys, twisting corridors. Divided in to areas controlled by rival Kabals.
CRONE WORLDS Eldar home worlds lost in the Eye of Terror (Waystone mines).
CROESUS, MYMEARA, IYDRIS, ELDORADO THE GOLDEN- paradise worlds once part of the Eldar Empire, now lost.
DURO Exodite world. Galadhar the Grey (pirate) base of operations.
EL DARADANEL? Site of ancient Eldar ruins discovered by Imperial explorers, including a description of the origins of the Phoenix Lords and their Aspects.
ELDRATHON IV Moon of an Eldar Maiden World in Halubra fringe. Xenarite Mechanicus member Tezla led expedition there in a search for an undiscovererd Eldar warp portal.
EXODITE WORLDS On the Galactic Fringe. One such world is site of Cathedral of the Fifth Blessing, a blasphemous fortress made by the Word Bearers, who are ultimately defeated by the Craftworld Eldar (from Varantha) they were persuing.
HARAN SHEMASH "The world of blood and tears". Exodite world. Webway Terminal. Chaos burst through into normal space near here. Eldar, Chaos war. During final battle, Fuegan reappears here many centuries after his presumed defeat by the Fallen Phoenix.
MAIDEN WORLDS Created/Terraformed by Eldar before the fall. Dense Forests.
SARLINN'S WORLD Eldar Massacred by Slannesh forces. Webway Terminal.
TAQAMATHI Abandoned during the fall. Claimed by humans (world then called Assyri). Becomes Zamorshemash- world of the Bloodied Sword- when Eldar destroy humans after negotiations fail.

(eldar homeworld) Three moons = Lilieth, Kurnous, Eldanesh.
ALAITOC Frontier Craftworld. "Doom of Eldanesh". High ratio of Rangers (Pathfinders). [EF]
ALTANSAR Lost into the warp 500 yrs after the fall- a brief expansion of the Eye of Terror drew the craftworld into the warp storm over five centuries. Presumed only survivor is Maugan Ra.
BIEL-TAN Warrior Craftworld. "Rebirth of Ancient Days". Swordwind army suited to eliminating colonies of other races.
BLACK LIBRARY Lesser Craftworld. In Webway. Guarded by Harlequins. Map of webway, book of Rhana Dandra, book of 1000 sons.
CTHO Lost Craftworld.
DORHAI Isolated Craftworld.
HOPE OF OTHER DAYS- Craftworld. (From old WAAGH! THE ORKS book).
IYANDEN Ravaged Craftworld. "Light in the Darkness". Vs Hive Fleet Kraken. [Ultima?]
IYBRAESIL Detected in 37,437 and 39,107 [Obscurus, West Quadrant]
LUGANNATH (also written LUGGANATH). Fir Iolarion Craftworld. Lost control of warp gates- Demons almost wiped it out (From Codex TITANICUS). Detected in 40, 801 and again in 40,805 [Obscurus, West Quadrant].
MEROS Doomed Craftworld.
MORRIAN? Diplomat Arhan tries to negotiate with Guyan Sethe, human ruler of Assyri.
SAIM-HANN Craftworld (Wild Riders.) "Cosmic Serpent". One of the first craftworlds to escape the Fall. Ties with Exodites.
ULTHWE' Mourning Craftworld. "Song of Eldanesh". (Black Guardians). Seer Council. Changers of history. Vs Chaos. [EOT: Obscurus, West Quadrant].
UNKNOWN: Three other unknown craftworlds have been detected in Segmentum Obscurus, West Quadrant between 37,831 and 40,232 that may be any of the above mentioned not already placed.
VARANTHA Craftworld. "Crown of our Steadfast Hopes". Known for artisans (metals, gems, flowers). Has passed close by Hydraphur during it's travels. [Pacificus / Halo Zone]
YME-LOC Detected in Segmentum obscurus, West Quadrant between 39,989 and 40,341.

ZANDIS BELT Penal legion vs. Pirates.


BEHEMOTH- The first known Hive Fleet. First planet to fall was Tyran. Pursued by Inquisitor Kryptman through the Ultima segmentum. Climactic battle on Macragge. [EF, Ultima, Mac]
KRAKEN- First discovered by Inq. Kryptman on Kendrick's world. Destroys Sotha, homeworld of Emperor's Scythes. Battle for Ichar IV. Defeated by Ultramarine and Imperial Bakka fleet near Circe.[Ultima, Kreel Nebula, Mac]
DAGON- Invading the Typhon sector. The Last Chancers must destroy the fortress of Coritanorum (under control of Genestealers) to prevent data from falling into Tyranid hands. [Typhon]
BRUGGEN Squat stronghold.
EMBERG 4 strongholds.
GRINDEL War with THOR over Lost Stronghold of Dargon (2k yrs ago.) Stronghold. Grindel may also be a planet! (Iron Sea).
GRUBEN Stronghold.
IMBACH Stronghold overthrown by Orks (Age of Wars)- Land Trains
KAPELLAR Largest league. 3,000 + strongholds.
KELLEKAN Stronghold?
MALONIR Stronghold?
MJOLNA Stronghold.
NORGYR Closest to earth.
THOR Captured Thungrim and Bruggen in above conflict.
VALSKALF Homeworld of Mjolner Brotherhood.

ABOMINATION (Alien vessel 547)- Marines Vs. Orks, Chaos (Inc. Androids)
BRINGER OF SORROW- Dark Angels vs. Genestealers.
DEMONICUS Space hulk 669. Eldar Vs. Chaos.
DEVOURER OF SOULS- Angron, World Eaters base during 1st Armageddon war.
GORINUM Asteroid Base. Marines Vs. 'Stealers.
HAMMER OF FOES- Abandoned Freighter. Deathspitter found (pre-Kraken).
OBSCURA Genestealer infestation. Threatens Maelstrom VI.
OGRAGRON Rogue Trader vs. Ordo Xenos.
PERVERSION OF PAIN- Ghazghkull's presumed command hulk.
PRISON OF LOST SOULS- Resident Chaos Marines kill Space Wolves.
Dark Angels Terminators later eliminate Chaos Marines.
REAPER OF SOULS- Chaos Marines base. Tzeentch led by Magnus the Red and lord of change M'kach'n vs. Blood Angels, Grey Knights.
ROKDROPPA- Ork hulk used in invasion of Armageddon, destroyed by Imperial forces [ARM]
RUMBELDETH- Ork hulk destroyed by Imperial forces during battle for Armageddon [ARM]
SCYLLA (Ognazdreg Gargdurslagulk) Warlord Nazdreg Ugurdgrub's Base.
SCYTHE OF THE RIGHTEOUS? Emperor's Scythes Battle Barge found over half a century after being lost. Inhabited by Genestealers.
SIN OF DAMNATION- Genestealers Vs. Blood Angels.
SWORD OF HORUS- Blood Angles Vs. Genestealers.
TERIFUS Way Station (Beta Magellan Sector)
THE SPORE Deathwing Vs. Genestealers.
UNHOLY HARBINGER Broken from warp in 38,998 near Cloras jump point. On collision course with Helios orbital station at Cloras III.
VOLTARIUS Pre-dark age relics. [near EOT]



93-95, 97, 98, 110, 112, 116-124, 126-129, 131-134, 137-152, 154, 155, 158-188, 196, 224-227, 229, 231-260

Box Set- Rules book
Codex Assassins, Armageddon, Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, Eldar, Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Catachans, Chapter Approved

Box set, including Codex Imperialis, Rules, Wargear books, Dark Millenium box and book
Codex Space Wolves, Angels of Death, Eldar, Orks, Ultramarines, Tyranids, Sisters of Battle

Rogue Trader Book, WH40K Compendium (red book), Chapter Approved (Book of Astronomicon)
WAAAGH! The orks, 'Ere We Go! books

Space Marine (2nd Ed. Box), Titan Legions(Box)
Space Marine (1st Ed box), Adeptus Titanicus(box), Codex Titanicus (book), Renegades

Inquisitor (book), Gorka Morka (box), Necromunda (box), Outlanders (expansion)
Space Crusade (box & both expansions), Advanced Space Crusade(box), Tyranid Attack (box)
Horus Heresy, Doom of the Eldar (wargame series)
Space Hulk(box), Deathwing(expansion), Genestealer (expansion)

Deathwing, Space Marine, Inquisitor, Harlequin, Chaos Child (old 40K Novels)
13th Legion, First and Only, Into the Maelstrom, Dark Imperium, Xenos (new 40K novels)